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Want to use an iPhone on your random Android device? Want to experience how it feels to use an iPhone? If yes then I have this amazing application to introduce to you guys which will enable you to use an iOS device on your Android with no extra effort, without costing you anything, absolutely free!

Table of Contents

1.iOS Instagram for Android

2.What is iOS Instagram for Androids?

3.How To Use iOS Instagram For Android?

4.Isn’t it amazing?

5.Features of iOS Instagram

  • No Ads

  • Download Photos and videos

  • iPhone Appearance

  • New Emojis

  • New Fonts

6.How to Download IOS Instagram on Androids

7.How To Download IOS Instagram for Androids on Your PC?

8.How To Install this application on your Android?


iOS Instagram for Android

iOS Instagram for Android is an application that has the appearance of an iPhone Instagram. This application is designed on the pattern of iPhone enabling the users to enjoy the experience of an IOS device on their Android. This application is designed specifically for those who use Android devices and want to experience an iOS device so that they can entertain themselves with the features of iPhone Instagram.

What is iOS Instagram for Androids?

iOS Instagram application has a striking resemblance to the original Instagram application when used on an IOS device, but this application not only has the original Instagram features but also some additional features that users will get to experience when they start using it. This application was designed by a developer with the name “The Dice”, in order to let the Android users experience the iPhone Instagram. This application is equipped with the newest and most advanced features, providing the users with all the unlimited fun they always wanted to experience!

How To Use iOS Instagram For Android?

If you guys want to get the new theme, different personalization options, advanced features, and privacy features then iOS Instagram can provide you with all of this without any cost. You guys no longer will be bothered by all those issues that are mainly present on the other apps. So now you guys can easily design this application and make it the way you want to! This application allows its users to get experience of the iPhones on their Android devices.

Isn’t it amazing?

Developers have tried their best to keep the application as simple as possible so that anyone can access it easily. This application is not present on the Google Play Store as it is an apk file. Although this application is very much similar to the original Instagram, still this application has nothing to do with the original application. In fact, this application is a modified version of the original Instagram application. Users can get to experience the use of the iPhone along with some additional amazing features without any flaws.

Features of iOS Instagram

No Ads

Instagram iOS Apk is loaded with a lot of interesting features. Some of which I will discuss for you guys in detail below;

Download Photos and videos

If you guys have ever used the original Instagram application then you all must be aware of the fact that Instagram always runs advertisements along your feed. No matter what you do you can not get rid of them, they always appear on your feed after you scroll through some post. But now you guys don’t have to worry about them and will no longer be annoyed by them because this amazing application allows you to run it without showing any kind of advertisement. Now just enjoy the unlimited fun offered by this app!

iPhone Appearance

Downloading content is pretty much easy in this application. Original Instagram does not allow its users to download any of its content. There is no direct download button. To download content through Instagram you guys have to get help from a third party and do it on your own. But now with this application, you will be able to download videos, reels, photos, stories, highlights, or whatever you want from the application feed without getting help from any other source, with just a single tap directly on your device.

New Emojis

I have told you guys again and again that this application was introduced to let Android users experience the iPhone Instagram platform. This application is designed on the pattern of the original Instagram but on iPhone and provides some additional features that are not present in the original application.

New Fonts

This application will let you experience different kinds of fonts, as the creators have installed a list of different kinds of emojis which will boost your interest in using this amazing application that you will not be able to get on the original application!

How to Download IOS Instagram on Androids

Accessing and using iOS Instagram is very easy and simple. Creators have managed to create it in a way to not keep it very complicated so that anyone can use it easily and smoothly without facing any issues. Creators have deducted as many restrictions as possible, present on the original application so users can get the maximum of the fun.

Downloading this application is very easy and consists of some basic steps which I will guide you guys on in detail below;

  • This application is not present on the Google Play Store because it is an apk file, you guys have to search for it on your browser.
  • You guys can get it from another web page but I would suggest you download it from our page, as it matters a lot to your device from where you are downloading your file otherwise downloading it from an unreliable source will have a harmful impact on your device. 
  • Look carefully on this webpage, you will find an option of ‘’Download Apk’’, tap on it. This will let you download the apk file on your device.
  • Wait for a while until the download is completed.
  • Now go back to your phone’s home screen and go to settings.
  • From there enable the option of ‘’Allow access to Unknown Sources’’.
  • Now look for the folder of ‘’file manager’’ on your device.
    Open it and there will be the apk file that you have downloaded just
  • now.
  • Tap on it and installation will start automatically.
  • Wait for a while, once the installation is finished you will be able to access this application on your device easily.

How To Download IOS Instagram for Androids on Your PC?

Downloading iOS Instagram on your Personal Computer is very much easy and consists of just one additional step apart from which the entire process is quite the same. Let’s go through the following points to download it on your PC.

  1. First of all, to run a file designed especially for smartphones you have to download an additional program called Bluestacks that will enable you to run all of those files on your computer system.
  2. After you have downloaded it on your system follow the same procedure;
  3. Open our web page and click on the download pk button.
  4. Then go to the folder of downloads on your system and look for the file that you have downloaded just now.
  5. Open it and run the installation process.
  6. Wait for a while and your file will be downloaded successfully on your system.
  7. Click open it and start enjoying it!

How To Install this application on your Android?

Once you have downloaded the application on your device you don’t have to do much after that;

  • Open your device settings and look for the option of Allow unknown sources. This will support your downloads from these web pages in the form of apk files.
  • Go back to your home screen and in the device files look for the ‘’file manager’’.
  • Open it and look for the file you downloaded just now.
  • Tap on it and Installation will start automatically.
  • Once the installation is finished the app will be installed in your device and you will be able to use it.


Where can I Download the iOS Instagram Apk?

You guys can easily download the iOS Instagram Apk from anywhere by searching it on your browser. You will get a lot of websites offering you to download it from their web pages. But make sure you download it from any safe and secure site because downloading it from an unknown source may cause your device some serious dangers and harm. The best option for you guys is to download it from our webpage, as it is safe, reliable and provides you with a safe application apk file.

Is it Safe to Use iOS Instagram for Androids?

This application itself is completely safe and secure. But if you download it from any unrecognized source then we can not say because some sites are scams and they barge into your device as soon as you use them to download your file, So it's better to think carefully about where to download it as it is a very important step.

How Often Is iOS Instagram for Android updated?

This application is updated frequently and developers try their best to keep the application as up-to-date as possible. New changes are often made!

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