Instander APK v18.0 Download for Android 2024

Instander is an application that is designed to tackle all the problems that users face while using the Instagram application. The Instander allows users to download all of the Instagram content. Make them able to copy the bios of their favorite celebrities, as well as provide them with all types of music, no music will be restricted to your region. You can say that now you can enjoy all the features of Instagram which you could not do so on the official application because of some restrictions set by Instagram due to your region location or for some other reason. But in this way or that way, you were not able to use the features of Instagram which you can do so now by using Instander. Instander not only provides you with all the features of Instagram but also some additional features that you would love to use once you get to know about them. For you guys, I will discuss them here in this article in detail.

Table of Contents

1.What Is Instander Apk?


  • Cave Story or Archive

  • Discover people

  • Quality Improved

  • Download Pictures and Videos

  • Instander Hide Stories from List

  • Close Friends List

  • Sharing

  • Analytics and Crash Reports

  • Instander has No Advertisements

  • Ghost Mode

  • Misc

3.Final Verdict


What Is Instander Apk?

Instander Apk is an Instamod, a duplicated version of Instagram, that was created specifically for Androids to solve all the problems faced by the users on the official Instagram application. It was created by ‘’The Dice’’ or Dimitri Gavrilov. This application copes with all of the limitations set by the original Instagram application. Using Instander users can download Instagram pictures, videos, reels, IGTV videos, copy links and bios, and a lot more which are some additional features not present on the official Instagram.

This application permits you to get to your Instagram account through its foundation as an option in contrast to the fundamental Instagram application. Consequently, you get to have a definitive social encounter through its astounding highlights opened from the authority application. This was intended to be just about as protected as could be expected and an application that ensures clients an amazing perusing experience with no gamble of getting restricted for utilizing mods since it comes pre-introduced with a compelling and proficient enemy of boycott properties.


Cave Story or Archive

Save live to achieve - Your live recordings can be saved to your chronicles for 30 days, of which no one but you can see them. If you need more space on your gadget to download and save a couple of additional photos and recordings, you can turn this component on, and it will naturally save photographs and recordings in your file, so you don't need to see them on your telephone. Likewise, you get to make some protection in light of the fact that since no one but you can get to your record with a secret word, gatecrashers will not have the option to get to these photographs on your gadget.

Discover people

You are allowed to interact with people all around the world. You can make new friends and also know them better using this. Your perfect partner could be on your contact list sitting tight for you to DM them. You can find individuals by following those on your contacts with a functioning Instagram account and get to find out about their lives through their accounts.

Quality Improved

Now you guys don’t need to compromise with the quality of your content. You can get whatever media you want in the best of its quality just on Instander. Since Instagram is known to pack photographs by screen width, the picture quality abatements. Be that as it may, by empowering the 'Photographs in max quality' choice, this limitation is generally impaired, permitting you to see pictures in a great configuration or their unique quality. Transfer your accounts and photographs with more excellent illustrations than in the first Instagram application.

Download Pictures and Videos

You guys know that on the official Instagram application, you cannot download any of the pictures or videos directly on your device. But with Insatnder you can do so! Utilizing the Instander APK not online permits you to download pictures and recordings and save them onto your gadget, however, it additionally permits you to erase the first application and save money on space involving it as the fundamental stage for getting to your IG account. Peruse the organization, and at whatever point you run over anything you like, you can constantly download it to your cell phone by simply tapping the download symbol under the ideal document.

Instander Hide Stories from List

I love comedy, and Instagram is one of my greatest providers of comedy recordings on the web. My desires for images and funny posts are typically fulfilled here, however, the inclination is in every case fleeting at whatever point I take a stab at downloading these entertaining pictures and recordings onto my gadget. Utilizing outsider downloaders will in general have its advantages however winds up disheartening once they spring up promotions consistently and fill in the size on your gadget.

Close Friends List

Now you guys can easily hide your name from the story view list if you wish to. You can do it from the settings of the application. For protection and to forestall undesirable busybodies, I in some cases will quite often conceal my accounts from individuals I don't think can deal with my posted substance properly. The Instander application permits you to conceal all photographs and recordings you might want to post on your accounts from explicit individuals fitting your personal preference, including live recordings. Presently, you can post any happiness you need, furnished under the application's agreements; you can appreciate making your posts and let the picked not many appreciate watching them.


Now you guys have the option of a close friends list on the Instander. These are the people you interact with the most while using this application. You can make changes by adding or eliminating individuals from this companions list at whatever point you like; they won't get advised. The photographs and recordings that are imparted to your companions in this rundown likewise will more often than not have a unique mark that recognizes them from other typical shared documents. At last, individuals you share with can see that you're imparting to dear companions however will not have the option to get to the rundown because no one but you can see it at whatever point you like.

Analytics and Crash Reports

Some of the time, I favor offering my presents or stories to everybody except the picked, not many, likely because the substance might contain an inside joke that no one but they could decipher and see as amusing. That is my explanation, and some of you most likely have numerous others. Notwithstanding, with the Instander APK, you can make your rundown of dear companions from beyond your devotee list and decide to impart your story to them alone.

Instander has No Advertisements

At long last, you can decide to consequently share photographs and recordings from your story to your Facebook story and offer them to your companions on that stage. Talking about myself I don't care about my supporters adding my feed presents and IGTV recordings on their accounts. Be that as it may, this doesn't matter to every one of my posts, so I revere this astounding element by Instander APK. At the point when you switch this off, others can't add your feed presents on their accounts. This additionally applies to sharing photographs and recordings from your story as messages since you can flip this component on and off however you see fit.

Ghost Mode

At long last, you can pick to send crash reports each time the application crashes so the designers can chip away at working on the administrations or eliminating a particular bug that could be liable for the many accident reports. Under the security setting, clients can debilitate examination, forestalling information gathered from your in-application action from being broken down. You might select to turn this on if you're hoping to make a more custom client-based insight by permitting the application to examine your action.


Using Official Instagram you all must be aware that you cannot get rid of all the advertisements that are present on your feed. But Instander can help you to get rid of them. At the point when you introduce the Instander application on your Android gadget, you get a promotion-free stage that permits you to see the significant stuff on your feed alone. Promotions can be crippled under the protection setting.

Final Verdict

For you guys, I have explained in detail every feature of the Instander application. Overall Instander is an absolutely amazing application and provides a lot of ease to its users. If you guys want to use Instagram in a better mode with more functionalities then Instander is worth downloading!


What is Instander?

Instander is an InstaMod that features a beautiful user interface and impressive functionalities. Its standout features include no ads, enhanced privacy, a downloader for photos, videos, reels, and IGTV, and high-quality media.

Do you need to uninstall the official Instagram?

Yes, if you want to install the original (UnClone) version of Instander, you need to uninstall the official Instagram app.

What is the difference between the Original and Clone versions?

The only difference between the Original and Clone versions is the package name. Other than that, there are no changes.

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