InstaMod APK v263. Download Latest Version 2024

InstaMod Apk is a modified version of the original Instagram application. Instamod apk allows users to do all of the stuff they always wanted to on the official Instagram application. Here users can download the Instagram content easily directly on their device. They can log in to their official Instagram, and enjoy all the features that are due to some reasons blocked in their region. Users can easily hide their active status, or their account from the status view list. Now with Instamod apk users can enjoy Instagram with all of its features!

Table of Contents

1.Instagram Vs InstaMod Apk

2.How to Get InstaMod apk on your Device


  • Hide View Stories

  • Hide typing status in DM

  • Photos in maximum quality

  • Translate

  • In-app browser

  • Shopping items in search

  • Unfollowing tracker

  • App lock

  • Disable Videos Autoplay

  • Do not mark messages as read in direct

  • Download Stories

  • Media downloading

  • Save IGTV Videos

  • Downloading expiring media

  • Ad-free

4.Some shortcuts

5.Miscellaneous features



Instagram Vs InstaMod Apk

Instagram was officially taken by Facebook in 2012. This application is the third most widely used application around the world with 1+ billion active users monthly. Instagram provides users with a surface where they can easily interact with their friends and followers. They can text them, call them, or send them voice or video recordings. Instagram decreases the distance of thousands of miles with just a few clicks. Instagram also provides users with a surface where they can get themselves entertained. Users are provided with the option to show a glimpse of their lives on social media so that their followers can get a peak of what’s happening in their lives and how they manage their daily chores.

Instagram is also a wide platform for businessmen, as they can expand their business through it because what happens nowadays is that people prefer online shopping and do most of their work online sitting comfortably in their homes. So Instagram helps them to share their product’s details with a maximum number of people so that they can get a good earning. Talking about influencers, Instagram is a reason for most people becoming today’s stars. Influencers can upload their videos and content on their accounts and millions of people get to watch them online in their feed. People who have some sort of talent can also earn through it by recording it on their phone's camera and uploading it either in the form of a reel or IGTV video so that people can watch it and appreciate it on their journey to success.

But at the same time, some restrictions are set by the Instagram application, which somehow at some point limits people to use it. If we take the example of downloading Instagram content, then you all must be aware that you cannot download it directly on your device, you will always need help. Although there are hundreds of online web tools plus downloading apps, still there is no guarantee of how long they will work. Similarly, there are some music restrictions in your region, you cannot read someone's deleted message, etc. But now all of these problems are solved with Instamod, which was specifically designed for your androids so that they could help you guys out of all these problems.

How to Get InstaMod apk on your Device is an apk file and apk files are never present on the Google Play Store. But now you must be thinking How are you able to get it if it is not present on Google Play Store? Well, don’t worry. You can get it easily on your Android device simply by searching it on your browser. After which follow some of these simple steps that are mentioned below to run the application on your device.

  • Open the settings of your device and look for the option of the Allow From Unknown Sources. This is the most important step, and without allowing it you cannot start your downloading.
  • Look for the download apk button present on this page. From there you will be able to download the apk file on your device.
    Whether to download Clone or Unclone applications is up to you.
  • (Clone: comes with a different package name, and it can be installed as a standalone application.
  • Unclone: comes with the same package name, and the original Instagram must be uninstalled first to get a successful output.)
    Once downloaded, open the file manager of your Android device and look for the device that you have just installed.
  • Click open it and the installation will start automatically.
  • Wait for a while, once the installation is finished the file will be downloaded successfully on your device.
  • Open your Instagram account on it and start enjoying the amazing features!


Hide View Stories

Once you have Installed the InstaMod apk, you will be able to hide your name from the view story list. You all are aware of the fact that on official Instagram as soon as you watch someone’s status your name will immediately start showing in the status view list. But now if you want to anonymously watch someone’s status, without letting them know, just turn this option on from the application settings.

Hide typing status in DM

Now you are allowed to hide your typing status that shows in your DM section. You know that on the official Instagram application whenever you start typing a reply in your DM section, it starts showing the ‘’typing’’ status to the recipient of your message. Now with InstaMod apk, you will be able to hide your status if you want to from everybody. Just enable it from your app settings!

Photos in maximum quality

Users can now get the Instagram photos in the best of their quality. No restrictions are now present on the Instamod apk regarding the photo's quality. It eliminates the limitations and shows excellent photographs to the clients. It could cause slacks and out-of-memory crashes.


Now you guys will be provided with a translator that will help you understand the content uploaded in different languages. This will help you to translate the content into English. In InsatMod Apk now Russian, English, Ukrainian, and Turkish translators are present that will help you to translate any of the content in one of these languages easily.

In-app browser

Now you guys no longer need to open a browser separately to go to a specific page from Instagram, as this application now has an in-app browser. Which will enable you to open whatever link to our site you want in the same app.

On official Instagram, you guys might have noticed that you are always provided with shopping advertisements on your feed, but now using the IstaMod apk you can make them stop showing up if you want to! Just disable them from your application settings.

Unfollowing tracker

Many individuals might want to know who unfollowed them. Isn't that so? Thus, this choice appears to be legit all things considered. Indeed, you can see the rundown of unfollowers with this InstaMod.

App lock

Provided with this feature the security of your application is totally under your control, now you can control who can enter your application and who cannot. With this app lock feature, you can make sure that no one gets into your application without your permission. This feature was not present on the official Instagram app.

Disable Videos Autoplay

Sometimes people don’t want to play any video and just quietly want to scroll their feed but are continuously irritated by the autoplay of the videos, so now on InstaMod you can disable the autoplay of videos from the app settings.

Do not mark messages as read in direct

This choice doesn't tell your contrary individual that you have perused their message in the direct. Thus, this is how you can empower this component, Simply a lengthy push on the direct symbol in real real-life bar to dynamic it.

Download Stories

Previously on the official Instagram application, you were not able to download any story content directly on your device as there was no download button provided by the Instagram app, but now with the InstaMod apk, you can easily download any of your desired Instagram stories on your device directly with just a tap!

Media downloading

You guys are fully allowed to download whatever media file from Instagram on your device directly with a single tap, which you were not capable of doing on the official Instagram app. Simply click on the three dots option, tap on the extra option then click on the Download button.

Save IGTV Videos

Save IGTV videos to your device storage that you would like to share or offline.

Downloading expiring media

Now with the installed apk, you can download those files that have been already deleted. Along these lines, this choice permits you to download as of now vanished pictures and recordings on your immediate message.


On the Official Instagram application, you guys would not be able to get rid of the advertisements, no matter what you do they always tag along with your feed. But now you won't see any advertisements in between the feeds using the InstaMod apk.

Some shortcuts

  • Enable/Disable Double-tap to like
  • Download media on triple tap.
  • Zoom picture on long tap.
  • Disable swipe to open camera and DM.

Miscellaneous features

  • Check assuming the client follows you by going to their profile.
    comment links can be opened straightforwardly.
  • Tune in and add music to the Narratives
  • Add music stickers to the Narratives (may not be accessible in your country)
  • Duplicate remarks.
  • Duplicate client bio.


InstaMod apk is worth downloading. You guys will love to use it as it provides a lot of different and exciting features some of which I have discussed for you guys in detail in the above paragraphs!


Is InstaMod Apk free to use?

InstaMod apk is a duplicate modified version of Instagram that is free to use. Users don’t have to pay for anything as it is free to use!

Can I Download Instamod Apk from the Google Store?

Downloading Insta Mod Apk from Google Play Store is not possible, as it is an Apk file, and apk files are never present on the google play store.

Can I Download Instagram Media content using Instamod apk?

Absolutely! Instamod apk gives its users all the support that they require to download Instagram media content. So now using the Insta Mod apk you guys don’t need to roam here and there on different pages to make a single Instagram successful download.

Is Instamod Apk safe to use?

Of course! InstaMod apk itself is a safe app to use. You guys just make sure that you download its apk file from a safe and secure site otherwise it might affect your device negatively!

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