Instagram Gold APK Download v8.1 for Android Latest 2024

Instagram Gold APK is a modified version of the Instagram application. This application has many similarities to the original Instagram application but at the same time, it is a lot different from it because there are some additional features present in the Instagram gold apk that you will not find in the original application. Instagram is utilized to reach out to your friends and family who are a large number of miles from you. You can contact them with just a single tap. You can call them, text them, and always remain together as long as you have an internet connection. But you will face some of the restrictions set by Instagram. These restrictions are set to respect the privacy of the user, but sometimes people also get annoyed by these. But now you can get rid of all of these restrictions by using Instagram Gold, which can allow you to do all that stuff you cannot do so on original Instagram such as downloading content, copying bios, unblocked music, multiple account access, and much more. Using this application is very simple and is the same as how you use your original Instagram application.


Table of Contents

1.Introducing Insta Gold

2.Features of Instagram Gold APK

  • Hide Status View

  • Multiple Accounts

  • No Advertisement

  • Unlocked Musics

  • App Locks

  • Download the content

  • Coping the bios

  • Uploading Redirect Link

  • Free to use

  • New list of emoticons

  • Hide typing status

  • Watch IGTV videos in fast-forward mode

  • Zoom In and out Images

3.Official Instagram Vs Instagram Gold APK

4.How To Download Instagram Gold APK?

5.Instagram Gold APK for your PC

6.Final Word


Introducing Insta Gold

The­ modified Insta Gold breaks free­ of the standard limits of the basic Instagram expe­rience, adding abilities that e­xperienced use­rs have wanted for a long time. De­signed similar to apps like Insta Pro, GB Instagram, and InstaPro 2, it feature­s a wide range of improveme­nts. It acts as your passageway to an Instagram without boundaries.

Features of Instagram Gold APK

Hide Status View

Following are some of the features that you will get to use when you start using Instagram Gold APK;

Multiple Accounts

This feature enables users to hide their status view if they wish to. You all know that on official Instagram if you see someone's status your account name will be mentioned immediately on the status view list. But now you guys can view the status of a person without letting them know, totally anonymous.

No Advertisement

You guys are also authorized to switch to multiple accounts without going through the process of logging in and out again and again. Which you would not be able to do on the official Instagram application.

Unlocked Musics

Using Instagram Gold APK you guys would not be disturbed by the continuous appearance of advertisements that always run along your official Instagram feed and you are not able to get rid of them.

App Locks

You guys would not be restricted regarding any type of music that you want to upload behind your story uploads or highlights as you were so in official Instagram. There will be no such music that cannot be played in your region no matter which part of the earth you are living in.

Download the content

You guys are allowed to lock your application to increase the privacy of the application. So that nobody without your permission can enter your app, in case of loss of phone or any mishap to your device. Your data would be fully protected with the lock that has been set for your device.

Coping the bios

If you guys want to download anything, a photo, a video, a reel, or any other content from the official Instagram application you guys need to either install an application or find an online webpage that will help you to do so. But using Instagram Gold APK you guys don’t need to do any of these as you will be provided with an option of download to save that content directly on your device.

This is the feature that was also not present on the official Instagram application. You guys were not able to copy anyone’s bio but now you can do so easily because Instagram Gold APK allows its users to copy anyone’s bio they wish to.

Free to use

On official Instagram, if you want to post a link in a post you guys need to satisfy a condition to get 10000 followers first, after which you will be able to upload a redirect link that will direct your followers to the page that you want them just by simply tapping on it. On Instagram Gold APK no such condition is made for letting you upload a link on your post.

New list of emoticons

This application is free to use. You guys just simply have to download the apk file from our web page, which you can do so as long as you have an internet connection. You guys don’t have to pay anything to run this application smoothly.

Hide typing status

The creators of Instagram Gold APK have installed a new list of emoticons that contain a different variety of emojis, so now you guys don’t need to write a long story to express how you guys are feeling. Just simply send the emoji and the receiver will understand what you are trying to say. It’s amazing, isn't it?

Watch IGTV videos in fast-forward mode

You have now the ability to hide your typing status. You can enable it from your settings of the application.

Zoom In and out Images

IGTV videos are videos that are longer than 30 seconds. They are usually called long-duration videos. On Instagram Gold APK you can watch them with a fast forward mode.

Official Instagram Vs Instagram Gold APK

Instagram was officially launched in October 2010. This was then officially acquired by Facebook also called Meta in 2012. Instagram undergoes continuous upgrading over time. The application is used by almost everyone on the planet Earth. But it has some drawbacks too. You cannot download Instagram Content directly on your device. You cannot switch to multiple accounts, you cannot get access to some of the filters, some of the music, and some of the accounts. You cannot watch someone's profile picture or you cannot see your active status or your typing status also you cannot hide your status view and many more.
But now on Instagram Gold APK you can get all of them. You can have full access to your account. Everything regarding your application will be under your control. Not only can you hide your status view but also your typing status, avoid any kind of music restrictions, can switch to multiple accounts.

How To Download Instagram Gold APK?

Downloading the Instagram Gold APK is very much easy. Apk files are never present on the Google Play Store, so to get them on your device you have to search for them on your Daily use browser. What you have to do is;

  • Look into this page carefully and you will see an option for
  • Download apk files, this option will let you download the files which are necessary for downloading the Instagram Gold APK.
  • Click on that button and wait for a while.
  • Soon your file will be downloaded successfully on your device.
  • Now open your device settings and search for the option of Allow the unknown sources. This is the most important step for downloading your files, otherwise, your device will not let you download any of these apk files.
  • Now go to your device manager and look for what you have just downloaded.
  • Click open it, automatic installation will start. Wait for a while and your file will be installed successfully on your device.
  • Open it, access your account and enjoy it.

Instagram Gold APK for your PC

Creators ensured that a maximum number of people could get themselves entertained with the Instagram Gold APK. To let them do so they have designed it in a way so that it can be accessed through computer systems. Those who don’t have androids can get the application on their system by following these given instructions;

  • The most important thing that you have to follow, without which you cannot run this application on your computer, is to download the BLUESTACKs program.
  • (This is a program designed to run an Android application on your PC smoothly).
  • After which open your browser and search for Instagram Gold APK, open our webpage, and download the pak file.
  • Open the download folder on your system, there you will see the file that you have downloaded just now.
  • Tap on it and begin the installation process, wait for a while and the app will be installed successfully on your device.

Final Word

In the last, I would suggest you guys use this amazing application as it is similar to Instagram but with a lot more exciting features. If you guys want to experience something new, go thoroughly through the possible advantages and disadvantages and get this amazing application as fast as you can!


Is Instagram Gold APK safe to use?

Absolutely, Instagram Gold APK is safe to use. It includes an anti-ban feature that protects users' accounts from being suspended.

Can I use Instagram Gold APK on iOS devices?

No, Instagram Gold APK is designed exclusively for Android devices.

Does Instagram Gold APK allow users to hide their story views?

Yes, Instagram Gold APK lets you hide your story views from other users.

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